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The science of hand hygiene

Empowering medical staff, patients, and visitors to reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections

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A typical 250 bed hospital can expect to have between 1,050 and 2,310 infections per year.


Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) result in a staggering 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year and cost $45 billion to treat.


The WHO estimate that 50% of infections could be prevented with better hand-hygiene using a system like SureWash.

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SureWash is the only scientifically validated training technology for the WHO hand hygiene protocol

Easy to Use

Cost Efficient

Proven Results

SureWash is an engaging, interactive software system that trains health care staff in proper hand hygiene and provides instant feedback – making it easy for staff to address their technique. All feedback data is captured in real-time for infection control personnel, providing the built-in measurements necessary to monitor progress and ensure results.

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SureWash ELITE

Our ELITE mobile unit is a compact, turnkey system that can be easily transferred from ward to ward to offer training and follow-up for all health care staff.

SureWash ELITE
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SureWash GO

Weighing just 4.5 kg the GO device is fully portable and comes with its own molded case with custom foam for ease of transport.

SureWash GO
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Calculating the human and financial cost of poor hand hygiene

Use our simple calculator to estimate the cost of poor hand hygiene in your organisation and see how SureWash can drive fundamental improvement.

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