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WHO midwives-hand-washing

Forgetting to wash your hands can cost lives

When Bandana Das, a midwife in India, washes her hands it is not simply routine, it is a critical step…


SureWash World Hand Hygiene Day 5th May 2017

SureWash celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day on the 5th of May with donation of SureWash machine to Ronald McDonald House…

Nurse washing hands

The CDC’s new strategy to get doctors and nurses to clean their hands

Public-health agency uses knowledge-sharing network to engage healthcare providers about an age-old — but often neglected — way to stop…


WHO World Hand Hygiene Day 2017

Irish hand hygiene compliance rates at highest ever levels as 9 out of 10 health professionals have clean hands Hand…

5 May 2017

Children Resisting

Children are getting more resistant to medicines, should we worry?

Multidrug resistant (MDR) bacterial infections in children are on the rise. A new study shows a 700% increase in MDR…

imple Act of Hand Washing..

Simple act of hand washing the best first defence against infection

It’s the simplest method of infection control, it’s practically free and if it were always practised, it could save more…

17 Apr 2017

Chef Washing Hands

Hand hygiene – implement best practice

Nowhere is hand hygiene more important than in the food industry. But most food poisoning outbreaks are caused by negligence…

21 Dec 2016

Hand Hygiene Guidelines

HSE, with Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, launched updated Handbook

On May 5th, International Hand Hygiene Day, the Health Service Executive, with the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, launched…

14 May 2015

SureWash 2015 Save Lives

SureWash supports 5 May 2015 SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands campaign

Good hand hygiene should be practised at all times especially in healthcare settings, however, the WHO has designated 5th May…

SureWash Arrives in Canada

SureWash arrives in Canada

As part of their campaign to deliver better patient service Sodexo Canada have introduce SureWash Hand Hygiene Training System into…

2 Mar 2015

Arab Health Congress

SureWash is off to it’s second Arab Health

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress in the Middle East. SureWash’s Sean…

IPS the highlights

IPS 2014 – The Highlights!

          Some of the highlights of the IPS 2014 conference included a visit from Professor Grahame Ayliffe, he…

IPS Conf. 2014

Visit SureWash at Infection Prevention Society Conference in Glasgow

Interest is high in technique training for hand hygiene! Everyone wants to see it in action. SureWash are attending our…

Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust

Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust launches SureWash

Following a one month rental of the SureWash Training unit, the Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals Trust are now using…

KAMCJ Innovative Approach to Hand Hygiene Public Awareness

SureWash Supporting the KAMCJ Innovative Approach to Hand Hygiene Public Awareness

SureWash was recently invited by the King Abdullah Medical Complex, Jeddah, to join in their Hand Hygiene and Cough Etiquette showcase…

Hand Hygiene Day Pictures (May 5th 2014)

SureWash was in with Rotunda, Temple Street, Connolly, Dublin Dental, The Hermitage, Coventry University Hospital (UK), Clementine Churchill (UK) and…

30 May 2014

eHealth Works Best When Engagement Is High

SureWash is delighted to be part of the international eHealth community. Our portable hand-washing training units are based on gamification…

27 May 2014

Adapt & Thrive: Didier Pittet on Infection Control

Dider Pittet, Director of the Geneva teaching hospitals Infection Control Program recently gave a fantastic TEDxLakeGeneva talk. Watch it here…