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ECJ reports on a state-of-the-art technology aimed at improving hand hygiene compliance and standardising technique in applications such as healthcare.

SureWash aims to standardise hand hygiene compliance. (This article featured in European Cleaning Journal 25th November 2011.) The numerous studies…

25 Nov 2011

Interview Krankenhaus-IT Journal

[youtube]FU5emhOtcNU#!&w=425&h=355[/youtube]   Interview Krankenhaus-IT Journal, Michael Reiter, with Dr. Gerard Lacey and Sean Bay, Glanta Ltd., on the occasion of…

12 May 2011

Innovation Ireland Exhibition at Johnson and Johnson Global Technology Conference

This conference brings together 250 of the senior R&D Managers of J&J and its many subsidiary companies in the Medtech,…

11 May 2011

International IT and Connected Healthcare Solution Summit

SureWash presented at the summit to an audience of international experts in healthcare IT.  The Summit was aimed at healthcare…

10 May 2011

Irish Healthcare Innovation Awards

The Biomnis Healthcare Innovation Awards 2011 were held at The Burlington Hotel, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, on Friday 6th May…

6 May 2011

GLANTA presenting at NHS Showcase event

GLANTA CEO Sean Bay has been invited to present at the Mid Essex NHS Trust Department of Health Showcase Hospital…

3 Mar 2011

GLANTA invited to WHO hand hygiene day

GLANTA has been invited to the World Health Organization hand hygiene industry workshop on Wednesday 2 February 2011 in Geneva,…

2 Feb 2011

SureWash Training System Launch.

GLANTA is pleased to announce the launch of the SureWash training and audit system for hand hygiene.  The unit will…

21 Jan 2011

SureWash presented at SHEA decennial Atlanta 2010.

The first clinical results from the trial of SureWash in Beaumont Hospital Dublin Ireland in 2009 were published today at…

20 Mar 2010