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20 Mar 2014

How To Wash Your Hands Properly

At SureWash our technology provides any healthcare institution with the necessary training to ensure all of their staff wash their hands properly. One particularly alarming statistic is that nearly 50% of all bacteria in hospitals and healthcare facilities are transferred by people not washing their hands properly.

The foundation of the training we provide through our mobile hand hygiene unit is a technique that goes by the name of Ayliffe, a 6 stage hand washing process devised in 1978. The Ayliffe method ensures that the individual’s hands are as clean as possible. The technique has been proven to vastly decrease the risk of infection and increase hand hygiene compliance in healthcare facilities.

The SureWash system will:

Take a look at this demonstration of how the SureWash system works, and learn how something as simple as washing your hands can save lives.


For more information or to request a demo contact us here.

SureWash uses technology to teach people effective hand hygiene technique to empower staff, patients & families to reduce their risk of infection while increasing compliance rates.

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