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18 Apr 2013

Improved hand hygiene technique and compliance in healthcare workers using gaming technology

In 2009, the World Health Organization recommended the use of a ‘multi-faceted, multi-modal hand hygiene strategy’ (Five Moments for Hand Hygiene) to improve hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers. As part of this initiative, a training programme was implemented using an automated gaming technology training and audit tool to educate staff on hand hygiene technique in an acute healthcare setting.

To determine whether using this automated training programme and audit tool as part of a multi-modal strategy would improve hand hygiene compliance and technique in an acute healthcare setting.

A time-series quasi-experimental design was chosen to measure compliance with the Five Moments for Hand Hygiene and handwashing technique. The study was performed from November 2009 to April 2012. An adenosine triphosphate monitoring system was used to measure handwashing technique, and SureWash (Glanta Ltd, Dublin, Ireland), an automated auditing and training unit, was used to provide assistance with staff training and education.

Hand hygiene technique and compliance improved significantly over the study period (P < 0.0001). Conclusion:
Incorporation of new automated teaching technology into a hand hygiene programme can encourage staff participation in learning, and ultimately improve hand hygiene compliance and technique in the acute healthcare setting.

The entire Text can be viewed here

SureWash uses technology to teach people effective hand hygiene technique to empower staff, patients & families to reduce their risk of infection while increasing compliance rates.

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