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5 May 2017

SureWash World Hand Hygiene Day 5th May 2017

SureWash celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day on the 5th of May with donation of SureWash machine to Ronald McDonald House in Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

SureWash CEO Gerry Lacey explains the reasons for the donation, DzWhen we learned that families spend an average of 23 days in the house we felt it was the ideal opportunity to bring a fun engaging learning experience into the environment. Coupled with the fact that if a family member picks up an infection the entire family has to leave the house we felt it was an excellent fit for our technology to support families and The Ronald McDonald House when they are most vulnerabledz. With that in mind SureWash developed a special children’s version of the training bringing extra fun to the learning experience for the families staying in the house.

The Ronald McDonald House is entirely self-funded by donations and receives no HSE or State funding. The House takes in families from across Ireland and to date has looked after over 3,000 families since they opened in 2004. The current House in Crumlin is moving to the New Children’s Hospital site in St James’s and is currently fundraising to support the build of a New 53 Bedroom House.

Already the volunteers and visitors to the house have been practicing their hand hygiene and are delighted with the system. Says Joe Kenny, HOO of The Ronald McDonald House: “We are delighted to have SureWash available to our families andvisitors, Hand Hygiene is so important in keeping families protected and together and we are sure all our families, sponsors and volunteers will get great use from the machine”

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5 May 2017