Beacon Hospital Dublin purchased a SureWash system to deliver hand hygiene training and education to staff during Covid-19 and beyond.

Lenora Leonard, Infection Prevention Control (IPC) Nurse Manager at Beacon Hospital first became familiar with SureWash at both the IPS (Infection Prevention Society) and IPC Ireland conferences.


Throughout 2019, Beacon Hospital participated in hand hygiene training days delivered by SureWash. After a successful year of training, the Dublin based hospital received funding to purchase their very own SureWash GO.

IPC Manager, Lenora explains: “As we all know, hand hygiene is the single most effective way of reducing healthcare associated infections (HCAI). SureWash GO enables ward-based learning of hand hygiene techniques through tutorial and assessment-based sessions by the staff themselves. This frees up time for the IPC nurses to work on other IPC initiatives required during this pandemic.”

SureWash provides healthcare facilities an innovative approach to promote hand hygiene competency by training all staff in the correct technique. All employees in Beacon Hospital, from the maintenance department to oncology, found the training highly engaging and were eager to participate throughout the year. The unit challenged the team to work through each of the training levels, and even generated a sense of competition among staff which made training enjoyable for all.

VP Customer Success at SureWash, Helga Morrow says “Doing the training days allowed the hospital to see staff engagement. With the benefits of the training reports, the management team could see key records and the competency levels achieved. It enabled staff to train in an innovative way, as training was conducted in various departments during their work shifts.”



Throughout their journey, SureWash were proud to be involved in Beacon Hospital’s regular employee engagement events. This was a prime opportunity for health workers to give vendors feedback on the different products utilised within the hospital. SureWash attended Beacon Hospital’s staff open day for the JCI fair and supported their 5th May hand hygiene day event.




On Friday 13th, November 2020, SureWash was delighted that Beacon Hospital received their very own SureWash GO. Going forward, Beacon Hospital will not only deliver training on hand hygiene techniques, but they will also utilise the quiz and lesson function to educate all staff on critical topics. Focus on training has never been more important and SureWash are delighted to see Irish healthcare providers such as Beacon Hospital prioritising hand hygiene.

Natalia Ovryakh, IPC Coordinator at Beacon Hospital, Dublin: “Performing hand hygiene at the right time using the right technique is a simple but yet very effective way of reducing the spread of infection in all settings. SureWash helps to evaluate the hand hygiene technique, stressing the importance of covering all surfaces of the hands and spending appropriate length of time when performing hand hygiene. SureWash makes these crucial key points easier to memorise and apply to practice.”