Didier Pittet, a Swiss professor of medicine, an expert on the prevention of infections and on patient safety at Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève, is marking the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day on the 5th of May and publishing his book “Clean Hands Save Lives”.
Dr. Pittet has halved the number of hospital-related infections that kill a massive 16 million people each year, and his book recounts the revolutionary formulation of this battle. Didier has transformed the fight against nosocomial illnesses through his invention of a simple procedure; this is the disinfection of hands using alcohol-based hand rubs.
The book is published in seven different languages and contains a foreword by the WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. Dr. Pittet has worked in conjunction with the WHO since 2005, promoting their “Clean Care is Safe Care” campaign. She highlights the constant struggle against infectious diseases, stating that they are fortunate for Dr. Pittet’s help. There is no doubt that Dr. Pittet’s book will inspire others to continue fighting against infectious diseases.