SureWash Technology Explained

When explaining the SureWash technology, we often say that we use augmented reality to deliver hand hygiene training. But what does that mean exactly? Many may have heard of the buzz terms like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gesture recognition technology, but there is often confusion regarding how they work and the benefits they have.

Fundamentally, augmented reality is the combination of artificial intelligence and 3D graphics. This measures the quality of hand hygiene. In simpler terms, we use a live video camera that watches the user’s hands to see if they are performing the correct poses of the World Health Organization (WHO) technique. Real-time performance feedback is then delivered to users through the use of AI. Therefore, if a pose is being performed correctly, progress bars will fill up on the screen until the specific part of the hand is cleaned thoroughly.  The progress bars will not move if a pose is being performed in the wrong order or incorrectly. This real-time, objective feedback is what makes our technology unique, and extremely effective in delivering training.

What makes SureWash unique?

Building Muscle Memory

Our objective training and assessment reduces bias in training. However, this is only one element that makes us unique. Our technology focuses on building muscle memory so that every time a healthcare worker or employee goes to perform hand washing or hand-rubbing, they will perform the correct technique automatically. How do we build muscle memory you may ask? Well, it has been proven that one training session in a year is not going to cut it. A recent study conducted with Yale University found that to achieve proficiency, a user needs to participate in 32 hand hygiene exercises or a total of 23 mins training to achieve proficiency. We enable repeated training throughout the year, at the convenience of the user.

3 Minute Training

What’s important when delivering repeated training is that it should not take a lot of time. We all know how busy healthcare professionals are, so we want training to fit into their schedule in the most efficient way. Learning sessions should be quick, interactive, and maybe even a little fun. The SureWash device encourages short training sessions which makes it more appealing to the user. These short sessions include practical training but also micro-learning lessons and quizzes.

On-site & at home assessment-based training

There has been a big change over the last year in terms of when and where training can be delivered. As a result, it has become increasingly more important that training is more flexible and accessible. Whether that’s during a night shift or even at the home, healthcare workers need the opportunity to participate in training at times suitable to them. So how can we make this achievable? Through the combination of a SureWash kiosk which is available in the hospital environment 24/7 to encourage self-directed learning and with the addition of our mobile application, it becomes possible. Teaching and assessing the skill of hand hygiene can now be done anywhere.

Explaining the SureWash Technology and how it works is important. This is what makes it unique and so effective. To learn more about our products, please contact us below.


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