Healthcare facilities must deliver hand hygiene training to employees to help reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs). However, there also needs to be records of training and competencies. Currently, training is carried out in a classroom setting in the majority of organisations. To prove they have been trained, participants must use a sign in sheet. After training has taken place, infection prevention and control (IPC) must then observe employees practicing the correct hand hygiene technique to track and assess their performance. This one-on-one training is time consuming and results in a very subjective assessment. SureWash can save organisations valuable time through its training kiosks and its ability to provide an audit trail of hand hygiene training records down to an individual level.

SureWash hand hygiene training records

Could your organisation benefit from objective hand hygiene training assessments with records available from your desktop? SureWash delivers quality training and assessment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SureWash technology shifts away from the classroom setting learning and brings it into the hospital environment. It is an interactive hand hygiene training system that teaches users the World Health Organisation (WHO) technique. It also provides a highly secured audited training record for administrators to track and assess users training data.
Surewash can provide hand hygiene training to industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and many more. Specifically as a result of COVID-19 and to help protect against other respiratory illnesses, many organisations may now provide hand hygiene training to employees to help reduce the spread of infections in the work environment. In addition to training, high-level analytics and key statistics are easily accessed for internal reporting as well as external inspections.

How it works

Once a SureWash unit is connected to wifi, all training data is uploaded to the cloud. This data is stored on SureWash.Net and it is connected to all SureWash training products: SureWash ELITE, SureWash GO and SureWash Hand Hygiene APP.  Therefore, if you are a facility, with a SureWash kiosk on site, or a corporate company that delivers training to employees via the SureWash APP, detailed data is available for you to assess from a desktop.


On SureWash.Net, there are three different features for administrators to use:

Content creator

This allows regulatory bodies to create custom lessons and quizzes that are available on the SureWash ELITE or GO for employees to complete. These deliver short bursts of learning to assess the standard of knowledge in an organisation and to identify gaps in knowledge. Functionalities can be personalised to each organisation to ensure a hospital or organisation is prepared for an outbreak situation. This customised training can be rolled out rapidly and skills refreshed at critical times.

Reporting Suite

The main feature on SureWash.Net is the Reporting Suite which allows administrators to access and easily track employees training data. The reports allow for the automation and aggregation of data across organisations from a desktop. Therefore, if an organisation has multiple SureWash units, SureWash.Net enables data from all the machines to be collected in one area. It can encapsulate a wide range of different metrics, delivering detailed reports on the system usage to help you maintain hand hygiene quality within your facility. For example, IPC can view and create reports on individual locations, departments, systems, roles and time periods. This then enables them to be shared easily with relevant parties.

User Portal

Regulatory bodies can manage users by creating user profiles and importing user lists to the SureWash system. Staff members can also receive certificates to award their competence or upon achieving a CPD point for their training. This feature is based on training from a SureWash kiosk.

SureWash.Net Reports

There are a multitude of different reports available for regulatory bodies to track users learning progress and training data. These reports are also completely customisable to suit the needs of an organisation.
The management report is the top-level view of your SureWash training data. Administrators can see statistics such as how many staff members are trained and what is the average pass rate among staff.
The infection control report provides a more detailed breakdown of the staff roles user breakdown. Data included identifies the number of users that have begun training within a role, how many assessments were completed and their pass rate over time. In addition, the data highlights which poses most users passed/failed. This then helps to identify areas in need of retraining.
The learning progress report enables administrators to track users learning progress over time. In addition, the Quiz report enables organisations to track learning in relation to the micro-learning quizzes on a SureWash unit. If a hospital is focused on engaging patients and visitors in hand hygiene training, there is also a function to track their usage in your facility.
View SureWash sample reports here:


All elements of the SureWash system combine to provide a complete solution to scalable hand hygiene training. Change how you deliver and track your training with SureWash technology. If your organisation would like any further information, please contact