Back in 2011, Mater Private Network became the very first SureWash customers. Ann Higgins, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), Assistant Director of Nursing at the time, was an early adopter of SureWash hand hygiene training technology. 10 years later, they are still long-standing, loyal customers, and SureWash is a key component of their IPC programme. What a journey it has been!


Best Hospital for hand hygiene in EuropeMater-Private-SureWash-Hand-Hygiene-Training

In 2013, just 2 years after SureWash was integrated, the hospital took part in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Hand Hygiene Award inspection. Their participation was successful and they were therefore ranked as the best hospital for hand hygiene in Europe. (1) It was a huge honour for SureWash to be a part of their multimodal approach. Education and training on the importance of good hand hygiene technique was, and still is a critical part of their IPC programme and SureWash is proud to support their efforts.


Research study contribution

From 2009- 2012, Ann Higgins and Professor Margaret Hannan of the Mater Private Hospital conducted research with the incorporation of SureWash. The aim was to determine whether using an automated training programme and audit tool as part of a multimodal strategy would improve hand hygiene compliance and technique in acute healthcare settings. Subsequently, the SureWash system assisted with staff training and education. Findings concluded that using gaming technology to provide education and assessment not only improves technique, but also increases and maintains compliance with the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene across the hospital. (2) Therefore, it became apparent that SureWash has a major role to play in a multi-faceted hand hygiene programme.


SureWash-Mater-Private -improving-hand-hygiene-compliance-with-WHO-5-moments

91% Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand hygiene is a critical component of an IPC programme. Therefore, SureWash has been an integral part of the Mater Privates hand hygiene improvement strategy for 10 years. As a result, their hand hygiene compliance rates have been excellent which identifies their commitment and dedication to hand hygiene training and education. In their 2016 annual report, SureWash was used 1,122 times and was involved in 807 staff assessments. Subsequently, they exceeded their HSE target of 90% hand hygiene compliance with an overall compliance rate of 91%. (3)


10 Years Later

In 2019,  Mater Private Dublin purchased their second SureWash device, this time a SureWash GO. Since then, Infection Control Analyst and Auditor Alan Rooney has played a critical role in rolling out the SureWash training to all staff and ensuring its success.

“I have been using SureWash in the Mater Private Hospital for the last three years. I find SureWash to be an excellent educational tool and the SureWash team are extremely professional and helpful.”

– Alan Rooney, Infection Control Analyst and Auditor

In 2021, as SureWash is now CPD certified, Mater Private have been awarding all compliant staff for their hand hygiene training by issuing CPD Certificates. SureWash has been a critical tool for improving hand hygiene standards and keeping all the staff, patients, and visitors safe during the battle against COVID 19 pandemic.


Above all, SureWash is extremely proud to have such a long-standing relationship with Ireland’s leading Private Hospital. It’s fantastic to see the positive impact SureWash has had over the last 10 years.


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