The My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene approach defines the key moments when healthcare workers should perform hand hygiene. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that medical professionals should clean their hands:

  1. before touching a patient,
  2. before clean/aseptic procedures,
  3. after body fluid exposure/risk,
  4. after touching a patient, and
  5. after touching patient surroundings.

The approach advocates that clean care is safer care and this is something that we at SureWash are completely behind. We believe that regular hand washing in healthcare organisations is vital, and through our interactive technology solution it can be practiced easily and effectively.


SureWash improving compliance with WHO 5 moments


SureWash teaches the WHO hand hygiene technique to help healthcare workers achieve compliance, reduce the risk of spreading infections and improve patient outcomes. This training is delivered through either the SureWash GO,  SureWash ELITE or SureWash APP, depending on an organisations needs. The systems use gaming technology to make training and education fun and interactive. A study conducted using the SureWash system determined whether using an automated training programme and audit tool as part of a multi-modal strategy would improve hand hygiene compliance and technique in an acute healthcare setting. Findings conveyed that hand hygiene technique and compliance improved significantly over the study period. Most noteworthy, healthcare workers compliance with the 5 Moments for hand hygiene increased from a baseline of 20% in 2010 to >80% in 2011. Although SureWash focuses in tackling technique, it also helps to increase overall awareness of hand hygiene.

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