SureWash is now CPD certified, meaning employees can receive a CPD point for their hand hygiene training on a SureWash kiosk. Therefore, healthcare staff can improve their hand hygiene skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. SureWash shifts learning from the classroom into the hospital setting, training being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is known as the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. Therefore, it is an approach to learning that helps employers in different industries to develop their employee’s skills and knowledge. As a result, this allows an organisation to maintain a competitive advantage. (1)

SureWash Training

SureWash delivers hand hygiene training to organisations, teaching the World Health Organisation (WHO) 6 pose technique. Doctors and nurses must know how to hand wash and hand rub at the 5 moments to help avoid the spread of infection. SureWash training helps achieve compliance, reduces the risk of infections and improves patient outcomes. The 5 levels on a SureWash kiosk ensures that as a user progresses through each level, they are building their muscle memory. As a result, practicing the hand hygiene technique becomes automatic at the correct moments in a hospital setting.

How you Achieve a CPD Point

Each of the levels incorporated into the SureWash learning vary in difficulty. To receive 1 CPD point for your hand hygiene training, users must pass level 5 on a SureWash unit. Consequently, level 5 requires an individual to know the 6 pose technique from memory without any hints. Once the unit is on WIFI, user’s data will be uploaded into the cloud. Infection control personnel can then track and asses staffs training and issue certificates to employees that achieve hand hygiene proficiency.

If you currently have a SureWash ELITE or SureWash GO in your organisation, your employees can now receive a CPD point for their training. Visit enquire about the CPD course.
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