SureWash focuses on delivering unique hand hygiene training by assessing users hand motions/technique and providing real-time feedback. However, we make sure that there are elements of our complete solution that are customisable to suit your facilities needs and to support the practical element of training. To get the most out of this feature you will need access to SureWash.Net and WIFI. Keep reading if you want to know more about how we can benefit your organisation beyond our main hand hygiene training and assessment function.


How can I customise SureWash?


SureWash includes four different techniques of handwashing procedure. The 6-step technique recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the default technique on SureWash devices. However, you can also choose the WHO technique with wrists to conform with regulations where bare below the elbow is necessary. Another technique available is with fingertips first which is in alignment with recent research which shows that it may be more effective than the WHO method. However, the WHO do not currently recommend this. Finally, another technique available is the Training within Industry (TWI) method. This is another variation on the order of poses which prioritises thumbs early in the sequence. We advise that you check local regulation on which technique to follow. If there is scientific evidence for another order of the technique, we can facilitate this.



SureWash divides training into 5 different levels and a tutorial. This implements gamification into the learning and encourages short, repeated training sessions. However, SureWash allows you to change the number of times a staff user must complete a particular level before they unlock the next. For example, you may require users to only complete level 1 once before moving on, but you may then require level 2 to be complete two times before allowing the user to progress to level 3. SureWash recommends that users should not be able to access higher levels without completing all the lower levels at least once first.



As part of hand hygiene improvement programs, hand hygiene goals can be displayed on the SureWash screen saver. Enabling these goals allows the administrator to set targets for the system. They are also customisable to make them relevant to the staff in each location and to drive engagement and motivate employees. These goals are made by setting a number of people required to pass a certain level, within a certain time frame.


Quiz & Lesson

The Quiz and Lesson function on SureWash devices offers a complete solution to help organisations deliver infection prevention and control (IPC) training. Both tools combined provide a way to present users with information which can enhance their knowledge. Facilities can choose from SureWash’s content bank, or they can upload their own. Popular topics include the 5 moments of hand hygiene, glove use or even your facilities protocols. However, these can be in relation to any topic that is pertinent to your organisation. Custom lessons and/or quizzes allow for fresh content each time the SureWash unit rotates through an area.




Attract Loop/Screen Saver

When a SureWash machine is idle and not in use, the Attract Loop is the screensaver that appears. It can be customised to include custom graphics of your choosing, such as logos/branding, infographics, or visual calls to action for your staff. The attract loop can also be beneficial for promoting hand hygiene/ IPC campaigns, or as previously mentioned, facilities goals.



PDF CertificatesSureWash-customisation-certified-hand-hygiene-training

Once a user has passed training on SureWash, you can generate printable PDF certificates. These certificates allow you to certify the level of competence achieved on SureWash by your staff. You can also customise these by adding your organisation’s logo and the signature of the person who is signing off on the training (i.e., the CEO or the Head of Infection Prevention). In addition, CPD certificates are also available once a user has passed level 5 of their training. This certificate awards them with 1 CPD point.


As you can see, SureWash is constantly striving to facilitate a complete solution to hand hygiene training. We are currently the only validated technology that can assess users hand hygiene technique, ensuring the best-in-class training. However, we are also constantly focused on providing features that help you get the most from your SureWash device. If you would like to learn more or if you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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