The new and improved SureWash Hand Hygiene APP is available to download on both the Apple and Android store This new release is to ensure efficiency and reliability in the standard of training received by users. The SureWash app teaches you the correct way to wash your hands to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) standards. Subsequently, this will help to protect you from respiratory infections. The app is a replica of the SureWash kiosks GO and ELITE that is used in 100’s of hospitals around the world.





How it works

The app uses the front camera on your mobile device to track your hand movements. Sue, our hand hygiene expert will guide you through the levels and train you to the standard of a healthcare worker. The 5 different levels are there to test your knowledge and to build your muscle memory. Therefore, proper hand washing becomes as easy and automatic as tying your shoelace. The more you practice, the better you get. When you pass level 5, you know you can now wash your hands like a pro.


Features include gamification, gesture recognition, real-time feedback and augmented reality. These combine to deliver a training app that helps you learn and memorise the 6 pose WHO hand hygiene technique. By adopting this into your everyday hand washing routine, you are ensuring that all surfaces of your hands are cleaned thoroughly. Subsequently, this helps reduce the chance of infection spreading from person to person.

Who it’s for:

The SureWash Hand Hygiene App is for the general public looking to help protect themselves from illnesses such as the common cold, flu, coronavirus, vomiting bug etc. Large organisations can implement hand hygiene training for employees and it can be particularly useful when travelling. The healthcare industry can also train non-patient facing staff to globally approved standards.

To protect yourself, your friends, family and work colleagues, learn and memorise how to wash your hands properly with SureWash.

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