A hand hygiene training company releases a new and improved training app. This will help the public learn and memorise the World Health Organisations (WHO) Hand Hygiene Technique.

Dublin, Ireland, February 27th 2020. SureWash provides cost-effective hand hygiene training to 200+ hospitals and Universities globally. The aim is to help achieve compliance, reduce the risk of infections and improve patient outcomes. Therefore, the updated SureWash Hand Hygiene APP is a replica of the training kiosks used in hospitals. As a result, the general public and large organisations can now learn and memorise the correct way to wash their hands following the WHO guidelines. This can be particularly beneficial in outbreak situations to help protect individuals from illness such as the common cold & flu, coronavirus, vomiting bugs etc. It is now available to download on both the Apple and Android store.


Features include gamification, gesture recognition, real-time feedback and augmented reality. These combine to deliver a training app that helps users learn and memorise the 6 pose WHO hand hygiene technique. SureWash app uses the front camera on a mobile device to track hand movements. Sue, the SureWash avatar offers guidance to help users learn how to wash their hands like a healthcare worker.  The aim is for proper hand washing to become as easy and automatic as tying one’s shoelace. As a result, there are 5 different levels to test one’s knowledge and to build muscle memory. Therefore, when users pass level 5, they will know how to wash their hands like an expert.

Cecil Ryan, Executive Chairman of SureWash states: “Hand washing is important, but it’s also necessary to do it properly using the correct technique to ensure all surfaces of your hands are clean.”


Users can download the app for free, allowing access to level one with two attempts per week. For just $4.99, all levels can be unlocked. When progressing through each level, user’s will be challenged on how well they can remember the technique without any help. A Yale Medical school study identified that it takes approximately 30 sessions over a week to memorise the WHO method.
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An Irish start-up out of Trinity College Dublin, delivering hand hygiene training to globally approved standards. SureWash teaches the WHO technique in a fun and engaging manner to help users memorise the 6 poses. Above all, they aim to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce the risk of infections by helping users acquire the skill of how to wash their hands. SureWash deliver their training through the SureWash GO, SureWash ELITE and the SureWash Hand Hygiene APP. Each of these products are designed to meet an organisation’s needs depending on its size and industry. Visit www.surewash.com for more details about their products.

Contact details: Email info@surewash.com or call +353 (1) 677 8894.