Glanta Ltd. doing business as SureWash, a leading provider of automated hand hygiene washing and monitoring systems, today announced that it has initiated a patent infringement action in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware on its hand hygiene training technology against Soapy Care Limited and Soapy USA Inc. (together, “Soapy”).

The Complaint, filed March 21, 2024, alleges that Soapy’s SoapyPro and SoapyPro Mobile products infringe one or more claims of SureWash’s U.S. Patent Number 8,090,155 for a “Hand Washing Monitoring System,” and seeks monetary damages and a permanent injunction.

“This lawsuit against Soapy is a necessary step to protect SureWash’s intellectual property that has been obtained through research and development, innovation, and investment. SureWash will vigorously enforce its IP rights against alleged infringers,” said Cecil Ryan, Executive Chairman of SureWash.

About SureWash

SureWash is a leading provider of hand hygiene training and infection prevention and control education primarily to healthcare and other industry workers around the world. Founded in 2011, SureWash has been developing techniques for gesture recognition in hand hygiene training technology to enhance public safety. The SureWash hand hygiene training technology promotes compliance with relevant industry hygiene standards, providing immediate on-site feedback to the medical professional, care-giver and other personnel that far exceeds that achievable using traditional classroom-setting training sessions. It also offers a convenient solution for monitoring and reporting hygiene assessments.

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