A leading hand hygiene training company has developed a new way of combining training and monitoring of hand washing.

A breakthrough in hand hygiene quality improvement

SureWash, a Dublin based hand hygiene training technology company has supported more than 200 hospitals over the last 10 years to achieve validated competence in the WHO hand hygiene technique, reducing the risk of infections and improving patient outcomes. SureWash units use cutting edge computer vision technology to build hand hygiene muscle memory by giving real-time feedback to learners.

SureWash has now developed a new device that does automatic video auditing (AVA) of hand hygiene. AVA is placed over sinks and measures the quantity and quality of hand hygiene and if there are problems, it can provide real-time training on the spot. The video images never leave the device making them GDPR compliant. The devices were used in a clinical trial within the NHS and it increased the quality of hand hygiene by 197% and the number of hand wash events by 147%. The results were published in the American Journal of Infection Control in February 2020.

SureWash subsequently partnered with Intel and CEA-Leti to develop a low-cost technology platform based on Intel’s Myriad technology. The opportunities for this SureWash product is extensive as it can be placed above all the hospital and kitchen sinks combining both hand hygiene training and monitoring in a new, innovative way. This SureWash device is the first system that is capable of monitoring both quality and instances of hand hygiene in real time.

SureWash are now seeking a partner to commercialise this product at scale. If you are interested in helping to roll out SureWash AVA into the marketplace, please get in touch through https://surewash.com/contact-us/.

For further information about the SureWash products, visit www.surewash.com.