SureWash partners with SPS CleanTech to supply hand hygiene training solutions to the pharmaceutical manufacturing market in the United States.

The partnership will introduce SureWash patented technology to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to deliver quality hand hygiene training, helping minimize contaminations and the spread of diseases.

Dublin, Ireland, July 14th 2020 – SureWash, an Irish technology company that currently delivers hand hygiene training to over 200 hospitals globally has partnered with SPS CleanTech, a trusted cGMP clean room solutions provider. SureWash is currently the only technology delivering fully objective and validated hand hygiene training to the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol. After being in the healthcare sector for over 10 years, and recently entering the pharmaceutical market in the United Kingdom, SureWash is now excited to expand into the United States.

SPS CleanTech’s knowledge and expertise enables them to effectively deliver innovative technologies and engineered solutions that positively impact customers operations in the bio-pharmaceutical and clean industrial markets. This new partnership opens a new opportunity for SureWash to expand their presence in the US market and to have a positive impact in the pharmaceutical sector. The Irish tech company provides the ideal solution for training contractors and visitors in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities.

SPS CleanTech are now looking forward to bringing the SureWash technology on board to add to their extensive range. Paul Tramo, President at  Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. expresses that “maintaining cleanliness in pharmaceutical labs and cleanrooms is paramount especially in these times. Hand hygiene is often overlooked but can be critical in preventing contamination. Having a technology that can objectively train employees, contractors and visitors on proper hand washing while being fun and engaging is extremely powerful. We believe that SureWash’s unique technology and training system will be a valuable tool in delivering quality training to achieve hand hygiene compliance.”

“SureWash is delighted to partner with SPS CleanTech as we believe their knowledge of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will provide us the best opportunity to enter this new market. We are very excited to extend beyond healthcare in the United States as it was a natural next step for us”  says Cecil Ryan, Executive Chairman at SureWash.

About SPS CleanTech

SPS CleanTech strives to provide cost-effective solutions to increase production, reduce downtime, enhance cleaning protocols and minimize contamination issues. They are backed by Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. who effectively deliver innovative technologies and engineered solutions that positively impact their customer’s operation. They are well known today as a value adding distributor and fabricator.

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About SureWash

SureWash uses cutting edge technology to teach the WHO hand hygiene technique to organisations around the world. Each of the products conveniently enable facilities to shift learning from the classroom setting into the day to day workplace environment. The SureWash system also incorporates gamification to make training fun and engaging to encourage repeated use, helping to build muscle memory in hand hygiene. For both internal use and external inspections, all training data is accessible on SureWash.Net, a highly secure audited training record. Fundamentally, the technology offers a complete solution for hand hygiene training in the pharmaceutical sector.

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