Hand Hygiene 6 Step Technique

Hand hygiene is the best way to prevent infections in hospitals, in factories or in the home. It is simple and can be effective when done well. However, often dangerous microbes remain on the hands as they are not cleaned correctly. This is why the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend the 6 step technique for hand hygiene in healthcare.

SureWash Benefits

SureWash is a cost-effective augmented reality training system teaching the WHO technique. However, teaching hand hygiene can be time consuming and difficult to generate enthusiasm among healthcare workers and also patients and visitors. The SureWash system combines gamification, gesture recognition, augmented reality and real time feedback. As a result,  it delivers interactive hand hygiene training that is fun and engaging. This therefore helps to build the muscle memory for hand hygiene. Fundamentally, SureWash is shifting learning from the classroom setting into the hospital environment. This encourages participation and improves hand hygiene compliance.

SureWash Technology

From a technology perspective, SureWash is an interactive edge AI system built on a number of Intel systems. The SureWash ELITE’s, the larger kiosk systems are based on Intel PCs and real sense D435 cameras. SureWash is also using the myriad x VPU to develop a low power edge AI system for monitoring hand hygiene at sinks.

How it Works

The system works by using the live video camera to measure the hand motions. It also provides real-time feedback to ensure compliance in hand hygiene technique. This technology trains healthcare workers to globally approved standards around the world.

To learn more about the SureWash training systems, visit the SureWash ELITE or SureWash GO web pages.