A question we constantly get asked is ‘what is the difference between the SureWash ELITE and SureWash GO‘. Ultimately, the core software is the same, however, there are some differences other than the physical size, weight and price of both products.



The ELITE is our core offering. It comes on a height adjustable medical cart and is easy to move between departments within a healthcare setting as it is on wheels. As for the GO, it is for smaller volume areas or where regular moving between buildings is important as it weighs just 4.5kg (10kg with case). The device itself sits on a desk or counter at a fixed height. It is packed into its protective wheeled case for movement.


Training Capacity

The computer on the ELITE is a Dell All in One PC, meaning it is more powerful, and it can manage a higher amount of usage. The screen is also larger in comparison to the SureWash GO Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Therefore, the overall user experience is better. For guidance on which device you need/how many devices you need, as an example, we suggest for a 200-bed hospital, 1 SureWash ELITE. Or else for a 200-bed hospital with an outreach clinic, we suggest 1 ELITE and 1 GO.



When it comes to the functionality of both the ELITE and GO, although the software is the same, the ELITE has more capabilities. It can check ‘bare below the elbow’ and it can also hold more lessons and quizzes at any one time. Therefore, on the ELITE, you can have 3 lessons and 3 quizzes available to staff members at any given time. However, on the GO, you can only distribute 3 types of content in total at any one time. For example, 2 lessons and 1 quiz / 1 lesson and 2 quizzes.


Core hand hygiene training software

As already mentioned, the core hand hygiene training software is the same for both the ELITE and GO. You can customise both to teach and assess either the WHO 6-step technique or the 6-step technique with wrists. We can also facilitate techniques of different order once there is scientific evidence to support is (i.e., fingertips first.)

The training follows the same format on both, by dividing learning into 5 levels and a tutorial. All training data from both the ELITE and GO is then available on SureWash.Net, our cloud-based reporting suite.


To conclude, although the core software on the ELITE and GO are the same, there are some differentiators between the products.

If you would like help deciding which product is suitable for your facility, please contact us below: