Nurses and Midwives, clean care is in your hands!

May 5th is World Hand Hygiene day and the 2020 Save Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign is dedicated to Nurses and Midwives. It is a global initiative to bring people together to improve hand hygiene around the world.

As members of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS), SureWash is dedicated to raising hand hygiene awareness to help reduce healthcare associated infections (HAI’s).

Join the Campaign

If you are a healthcare facility and want to improve infection control and be a part of this global movement to improve hand hygiene, register here: Join us to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives around the world.


‘”In 2020 we aim to ensure that all nurses and midwives operate in an environment where they are safe from harm, respected by medical colleagues and community members, have access to a functioning health-care service and where their work is integrated with other health-care professionals.” – WHO



All May 5th material for your use can be found on the WHO website here: We would encourage you to use this material within your organisation through the posters, banners and certificates provided. In addition, make sure to use social media to engage your community in a conversation about the campaign. The WHO have provided animations and graphics for your use. When sharing any photos or videos, make sure to use #handhygiene #supportnursesandmidwives and #infectionprevention.

We hope you can join us to celebrate and empower nurses and midwives in the work that they do to keep our patients, families, and their colleagues safe. Make sure to follow the WHO and SureWash on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to see our May 5th activities.