We have some exciting news to share with you!

Truth be told, we always thought the training SureWash provided was enough, however, you told us make some changes and add new features. So of course, we listened!

The past 10 years for SureWash have been quite a journey. Our product has come a long way, and that is thanks to the constant feedback we get from our customers and the market. But over the last 2 years while our healthcare workers were on the frontline fighting COVID-19, we were in lockdown, trying to bring SureWash to the next level. We now have a lot of new exciting things to show you. This includes many new features you have been asking for, along with some other big product reveals.

So, you might be wondering what’s different? We’ll cut to the chase!


Our New Lower Cost SureWash GO Model

To start, we are currently developing the new, lower cost SureWash GO. Price can sometimes be a barrier for infection preventionists when it comes to purchasing a SureWash device. That is why we have made some changes to now offer you a less expensive version of our training. It has all of the same functionalities as before, but as a smaller, lighter, sleeker, and most importantly, less expensive model. We will be talking more about this at the IPC conference in Birmingham on 26th-27th April. However, we will also start posting more about the new SureWash GO on our website and social media channels over the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates.


New & Enhanced SureWash.Net Reporting

We are also releasing a new enhanced version of SureWash.Net. This will give a new modern look and feel to our reporting suite, making it more visually appealing and user friendly. We aim to make training and reporting as simple and convenient as possible. This will save infection preventionists time and help with both internal and external audits.

Some new SureWash.Net features include:

  • Control of SureWash kiosks from your desk
  • Training data is synced with SureWash.Net in real-time
  • Linkage of training data from multiple SureWash units within a facility
  • Effortlessly manage your staff training
  • Access a bank of IPC learning materials
  • Automated reports helping with achieving external infection control audits


The New SureWash IPC Syllabus

We are excited to reveal that SureWash is no longer just delivering hand hygiene technique training. We have expanded our training to now support your broader infection prevention and control education. Our new syllabus is developed in collaboration with clinical experts. It covers a range of topics including hand hygiene, PPE, contact, airborne, droplet precautions and much more. Each of our lessons has a supporting quiz to assess the learnings. This content is available for delivery on either your SureWash device or your existing Learning Management System (LMS). This IPC syllabus is available to help your healthcare facility achieve external accreditation.


SureWash: A Kid’s Journey

Last but most certainly not least, our new child-friendly mobile application developed in collaboration with educational experts from A Germ’s Journey. While our primary focus has always been on training healthcare staff, patients and visitors are also encouraged to use the SureWash system. However, we wanted to create an app specifically for children to help teach them a life skill in a fun and interactive way. SureWash: A Kid’s Journey leverages educational games and materials from A Germ’s Journey. They are experts in providing hand-washing educational resources to children, educators and healthcare workers around the world. The app also adopts our core technology that is used to train healthcare workers around the world, to now teach children how to wash their hands properly. This is the perfect solution for educating children in hospitals and schools around the world, helping them build heathy habits from a young age.


SureWash strives to support IPC nurses with the delivery of hand hygiene training and IPC education in a more effective, convenient and efficient way. These new features will bring SureWash to the next level, along with our new product offerings. If you would like to find out more about any of these new products or features, please contact us through the form below.


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