SureWash Reporting

All hand hygiene training data from your SureWash system is accessible on SureWash.Net. Hand Hygiene reports are available for both internal use and external inspections.

Sample Hand Hygiene Reports

The Reporting Suite on SureWash.Net is a highly secure audited training record for internal use and regulatory bodies. It provides administrators the ability to:

  • Access and easily track staff’s training data

  • Identify the learning curve towards competency

  • Automate & aggregate data across organisations

  • Conduct Quizzes & Lessons to address gaps in learning

  • Audited reports down to individual level


The hand hygiene sample reports available in the Reporting Suite on SureWash.Net

Management Report

The Management Report is the top-level view of your SureWash training data. It therefore provides administrators with high-level analytics and key statistics such as how many staff members trained, which departments trained the most, and what is the average pass rate among staff.
Graphs can also be viewed in greater detail and can be refined to a specific date range and filtered to staff departments and roles.

Hand hygiene reports

Learning Progress Report

Administrators can track users learning progress and view the learning curve towards level 5 compliance.

Infection Control Report

The infection control report provides a more detailed breakdown of machine usage, staff roles, and the hand hygiene poses which most users passed/failed.

The Infection Control Report View can also be exported as a PDF:

Hand hygiene reports

Quiz Report

The Quiz Report View lets you track the performance of your staff in relation to the micro-learning quizzes installed on your machine. It therefore  helps to identify gaps in knowledge and the areas in need of retraining.

Lesson Report

The lesson report view enables you to assess the usage of the lessons installed on your SureWash unit. Track and assess who has completed the lesson, what lesson they completed (i.e. 5 moments lesson, Sharps lesson) and when they completed it.

Hand hygiene reports